• Bottled Hope is Pernod Ricard's CSR initiative for a better tomorrow. As a company that generates tonnes of glass bottles every year, it is our mission to turn our business into a positive rally cry, as we harness the power of the many and convert that into a movement for a better tomorrow.

    Bottled Hope has turned used glass bottles into solar-powered lamps for the underprivileged. This year, we are taking a bigger step forward in preserving the environment by bringing people closer to nature. Together, let's plant the seeds of hope for the underprivileged and the generations to come.

  • Some may know it as Mother Nature, Gaia, Earth, the ecosystem or just plain old nature.

    No matter the name, the cause remains the same as we work collectively to conserve the world around us. Bottled Hope aims to remind the people about the plight of the world by bringing them closer to nature.


  • IMB builds worlds made of experience, environment and entertainment. A new form of consultancy, IMB uses practical-based thinking to develop creative ideas for brands.

  • GOVT KL is a creative boutique agency with offices in Malaysia and Singapore. They believe in working for the betterment of good by providing unconventional solutions to everyday marketing problems.

  • EcoKnights is a registered not-for-profit enviromental organisation that works across transdisciplinary fields, through smart partnerships and collaborations, to builds towards sustainable development for communities and companies.

  • Sumo Eleven is a consortium of industry specialist with cores in events, brand campaigns, sports management and exhibitions, both locally and internationally.